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The Altica Group
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Baby(ies) 0-2 years
Our values

B&B in South West of France from La Rochelle to Sarlat

The values of the Altica Group are present in all we do, and why we do it. They guide us and are on the same wavelength as our attitude and our aspirations. 
Because at Altica our staff play a role in company strategy… 
High standards
This is the expression of our professionalism on behalf of our guests. This is why we go that extra mile every day to offer them the very best. High standards guide all our actions and our attention to detail. 

"What is worth doing is worth doing well." 
Nicolas Poussin

This value is essential to our development programme, with our investment in and renovation of our group of hotels. We are determined to offer our guests a special and superior experience by daring to innovate to always remaining one step ahead.  

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”
Steve Jobs
This is what constantly pushes us to stretch ourselves and meet new challenges. We are motivated by a passion for success and are aware that our company exists thanks to our clients whom it is our pleasure to serve every day. 
"A vocation is when your job is your passion..."